For over 30 years our team has leveraged their experience, exposure and expertise for the benefit of our global and national clientele.  

We are committed to making a difference how we can, where we can, and whenever we can.



​​​​​We transform "thoughts and perspectives"
We influence 
"policy and shift paradigms"
​We promote 
"diversity, equity and inclusion"
We raise 
"awareness and social consciousness"
We change
“the forecast of a crisis"
​We are not on the edge...




At Sunny Slaughter Consulting, LLC we work with and on behalf of our clients to ensure their policies comply with all laws, their protocols reduce risk and liability, and their practices divert the unintended consequences of a crisis. 



How We get the job done

Experience, Exposure & Expertise is our qualifier for Engagement.

We have an established portfolio of successful outcomes for a diverse clientele in business, corporate, academia, the healthcare industry, nonprofit, for-profit, government, faith-based and throughout community. 

Our consultants have extensive and diverse backgrounds across a broad spectrum of professional disciplines. You get the benefit of our experience, expertise and the flexibility of engaging us when needed. 

Sunny Slaughter is a leading change agent strategically postured at the forefront of intersectional vulnerabilities, women's empowerment, diversity, equity, and inclusion, social justice, human rights, civil rights. She is a Master-Connector, leveraging her expertise, relationships, and resources to make a difference for others. Sunny is committed to changing the landscape of leadership in policy, politics, practice, and places where decisions are made, women are few, and the impact on Marginalized. Masked. Missed.” populations is profound.