​​​​Whether you are seeking consultation and training, preparing for litigation, arbitration, mitigation or looking to manage a public relations crisis, you might consider contacting a subject matter expert with a diverse set of skills and experiences, who has also served as crime analyst for the media. Having the right expert can be the critical factor you need to ensure you are fully prepared for: (1) what you don’t know (2) what you need to know, (3) what you may have missed and (4) how to present it to the public, if necessary. The right expert is an independent bearer of truth and facts; who provide relevant information, data, opinions and subject matter expertise, they are credible, confident, composed on or off the witness stand or during a crisis. The right expert is competent, qualified, knowledgeable, prepared in his or her field and effective at communicating analytical information with a level of understanding that lessens misunderstanding. The right expert has substantive writing skills to produce a report that meets the standards of the court (Reliability in Expert Testimony Standards Act), has access to other subject matter experts and is able to transition quickly for what you need. 

Now that you know what you need,  let me introduce you to the newest member of your team. 

Sunnetta “Sunny” Slaughter is a noted crime and policy intersectional subject matter expert offering over 30 years of personal and professional experience providing consulting, training and facilitation across a broad spectrum of human rights, social justice and civil rights issues. She has served as a SME in litigation, arbitration and mitigation for counsels of the defense and plaintiff, at the request of the Courts, on behalf of law firms, government agencies, academic institutions, businesses, corporations, NGO’s and families in crisis. She has been intentional about having difficult conversations on culture, race, inclusion, equity and diversity, and the importance of being responsive and responsible. 
Her experiences have greatly contributed to her national and international reputation for being a highly skilled and qualified thought-leader who provides a unique perspective on the intersecting complexities of crime, policy, victimization, culture and social determinants of health. Sunny has worked as a subject matter expert with news anchors and journalist developing background information for investigative reports and news stories, while also serving as an on-camera Crime Analyst for international and national media outlets including; ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CNN/HLN After Dark and Trinity Broadcast Network. Sunny has been identified as a Master-Connector and dubbed the Olivia Pope of Crime.   ​​

SME| Expert witness 

SME | Expert Witness

Sunny Slaughter Consulting, LLC


  Areas of Subject Matter Expertise 

  • Human Trafficking | Exploitation | Child Pornography
  • Domestic & Sexual Violence | Youth Violence
  • Workplace Violence | Harassment |Policy
  • Law Enforcement Encounters | Training | Policy | Profiling & Bias
  • Child Welfare | Child Abuse | Foster Care 
  • Capital Murder | Homicide 
  • Hate & Bias Crimes | Discrimination 
  • Missing and Exploited Children 
  • Opioids | Meth | Heroine| Drug Use/Abuse | Enforcement
  • Mental & Behavioral Health
  • College Campus | School Violence & Safety
  • ​Crime Scene Assessment 
  • PTSD | Stockholm Syndrome | Trauma Bond
  • ​Crisis Management | Public Relations
  • ​Culture | Race | Inclusion | Diversity

​If you do not see something specific please ask. We are glad to make referrals to our professional partners across various disciplines. 

Serving as a Subject Matter Expert is just one of the ways in which we make use of our unique skill-set to benefit our clients involved in litigation, arbitration or mitigation.

  • Case review/assessment 
  • Deposition preparation/questions
  • Preparation of questions/witnesses
  • Investigative assistance  
  • Preparation of Expert Report
  • Court Testimony
  • Independent consulting​​
  • Policy review/assessment
  • Safety and Protocol assessment
  • Crisis Management/Public Relations