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We guarantee professional expertise, engagement and support. Our reputation and history of success on behalf of clients speaks for itself and is evident in our referrals. There is no substitution for the best.



We are dedicated and committed to being front-line professionals with boots-on-the-ground to assist clients in addressing complex and critical issues, while leveraging our relationships when necessary to make a difference. 



We acknowledge the unexpected and sometimes difficult challenges experienced by businesses, organizations and agencies. We are committed to providing clients with the expertise and due diligence they require in order to minimize risk and reduce liability.  


We are actively positioned to participate in issues and work that will influence public health policy, health equity and legislation. We are poised to lead the much needed and difficult conversations on Culture, Race, Inclusion, Equity Diversity.   

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With more than 30 years of professional expertise we are changing the landscape of professional issue consulting with our focus on social justice, human rights and civil rights issues. ​​The firm offers clients the benefit of our professional consulting expertise across a broad spectrum of direct and intersecting issues.

We offer clients the experience they desire to meet their needs, while ensuring they are in compliance with federal, state and local laws, health and safety policies and practices and human rights treaties and laws.

We offer an array of assessments and evaluations which are designed to provide clients effective tools and strategies for prevention, while ensuring the client receives an accurate perspective of their company's vulnerability for threats. We can also provide crisis management and intervention consulting and training  in an effort to minimize or manage risk and reduce liability. 

We offer an array of 
Issue Consulting Services that are designed to assist and support clients in addressing "targeted issues, for target audiences", whether it's managing a public or internal crisis, r
aising awareness, drafting legislation, writing national policy, or building collaborative partnerships, our firm is committed to "changing moments into movements that matter" and  we have a proven track record of success.  

We transform "thoughts and perspectives"
We influence "policy and shift paradigms"
​We promote "diversity and inclusion"

We raise "awareness and social consciousness"
We change"the forecast of  a crisis"

​We are not on the edge...We ARE THE EDGE!​​​

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