Can be defined as persons or groups who are most susceptible to victimization based on one or more actual or perceived needs that give traffickers access to potential victims in varying settings.  Some contributing factors of social determinants of health include but are not limited to: economic vulnerability (poverty), community disengagement, nature disasters, family dynamics, social pressures, stigma, unemployment, housing, incarceration and previous or existing victimization.

Children in the U.S. and globally continue to be victims of human trafficking crimes which include sex, labor and organ exploitation, Some of the most horrific crimes include those where parents and/or family members have been the traffickers. In addition, children in the custody and care of Child Protective Services (CPS) and foster care across the country are highly vulnerable and at risk based on the data reported by numerous nationally recognized agencies. 

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Corporate Compliance & Accountability

Sunny Slaughter Consulting, LLC


Most corporations, organizations, government and private entities are not aware and/or familiar with the compliance and accountability requirements imposed upon them with respect to human trafficking violations, under the Reauthorization of the Human Trafficking in Persons Act (2013), and other Executive Orders enacted by the Obama Administration to strengthen human trafficking and human rights laws directly and indirectly tied to all forms of exploitation. 

The Sunny Slaughter Consulting, firm has specialized expertise in ALL forms of human trafficking and human rights violations and is the only Criminal Consulting firm providing human trafficking training, audits and tailored services as it relates to compliance policies for corporations, organizations, government and private entities.  Although some companies are mandated by Congress (by and through Executive Orders and government compliance), others may seek to be proactive by ensuring their company, as well as, entities with whom they are either directly or indirectly affiliated, have established policies and protocols to ensure that they responsive and responsible to their industry, investors and more importantly the community.

Human trafficking violations are becoming more and more evident across ALL forms of victimization (sex, labor and child labor) within the U.S. and globally.  Whether it's a small, medium or large business, having training and awareness programs and even more significantly compliance policies, procedures, protocols and processes in place can assist in potential cases of crisis management and risk management. These violations which impact supply chains, operations and services workforce development and community engagement can potentially lead to significant fines in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, the complete loss of federal funding all together and become a significant public relations nightmare to a company.  

Specific internal investigations, processes, monitoring and audits, training and transparency are all required components for businesses to be in compliance with state and federal legislative mandates, orders and ordinances.