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​​​​​​​​Trafficking in Persons (TIP), Human Trafficking and Modern-Day Slavery (interchangeable terms) is one of the largest organized criminal enterprises in the world involving the force, fraud and coercion of human beings as a commodity for profit. Human trafficking is not new, it is slavery "revisited, reinvested and renamed, the New Jim Crow". ~ (Sunny Slaughter)

The unfortunate truth about modern-day slavery is a person (children, women (girls), men (boys), LGBTQI) and individuals who identify as other, can be continuously sold, traded and exploited across multiple schemes. In addition to organized criminal trafficking schemes, various forms of legal organized systems of oppression are designed to impact marginalized, vulnerable, minority populations, also fall within the scope of modern-day slavery activity. Human trafficking schemes are lucrative business enterprises that have a long-term impact on individuals (direct victims), families and communities (in-direct collateral victims). Trafficking in persons is not a new conversation, a new problem or a new crime.  

Although any person can become a victim, minority victims of trafficking and exploitation schemes are most often criminalized long before, they are recognized as victims (if ever) Unfortunately, modern-day slavery is not just a global problem, but an American problem which has been largely misunderstood, ignored, accepted and silenced in far too many cases. Victims and families of trafficking and exploitation schemes often require cultural and linguistically appropriate services and support which are not readily available. In order to change the circumstances of all victims and families impacted by trafficking and exploitation schemes, we must insist on more represented diversity of thought, perspective and inclusive expertise in the delivery of these services. 

Forms of Modern-Day Slavery and Exploitation

Sex Trafficking

Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking (DMST)

Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC)

​Labor Trafficking (Domestic Servitude| Supply Chain)

​Debt Bondage 

​Organ Trafficking 

Sex Tourism

Pornography | Child Pornography

Forced Marriage | Child Marriage

Child Soldiers | Gangs

Familial Trafficking

​Female Genital Mutilation

Institutional Systems (mass incarceration, other) 

The Trafficking and Exploitation of Persons

Human Trafficking/Modern-Day Slavery 


Runaways | Throwaways
Homeless (youth | adults)
LGBQI (Transgender Persons)
Veterans and Active Duty
Developmental | Intellectual Disability
Single Mothers | Grandparents

Boys | Men | Males
Victims of other crimes
Persons with low self-esteem
Unemployed | Employed
​Returning Citizens
Persons with Addictions
​Foreign Identified victims


Minority populations 

College Students | School Age

Aging & Elderly 


Human Trafficking | Modern-Day Slavery 


Internet Access -- Social Media | Adult  Pages
Hair Braiding Shops |Massage Parlors |Nail Salons  Malls |Stores |Movies | Clubs | Strip Clubs Adult Entertainment | Schools Elementary | Middle | High School |
College | Universities 
Court Houses| Jails/Prisons | Government facilities
Businesses |Construction Sites | Foster Care | Group Homes | Rehab facilities | 
Halfway Homes | Residential facilities | Churches | Places of Worship Communities| Recreation Centers | ​Agriculture | ​Gangs​ Hotels/Motels | Tourist places