We are purposefully focused on the intersection of crime, policy and the complexity of social justice issues that negatively impact people, families and communities everywhere.


We are making use of every opportunity to empower, enlighten and inspire others.

c.a.s.t.  (A wide net)


The goal is for everyone to have the same opportunity for success and to leave no one behind.


We know that our reputation is only as good as the results of our last opportunity. That's why we use a results-oriented approach to achieve maximum results and work with our clients every step of the way. 

Authentically ME...


At Sunny Slaughter Consulting, LLC, we use our collective experience and expertise to develop tailored assessments, evaluations and trainings to fit the needs and desired outcomes of the client. We can take a one-size fits all and make it unique for you.   

"I started Sunny Slaughter Consulting, LLC because there is no box or jar that can contain what has been purposefully poured into ME. I can do this, that AND the other...(HE said so):  Mark every step, touch every person, change every place, lead when possible, follow when necessary, and be prepared at all times"


We look forward to providing the professional services you desire upon successful execution of a contract.

"What you ignore doesn't just go away

What you close your eyes too doesn't just disappear

What you remain silent about doesn't clear your conscience" 

 -Sunny Slaughter​


Offering a broad range educational

 and professional development tools, strategies and information that enhance skills-set and awareness.